A Dark and Stormy Night

Doesn’t look like rain… Yet!

Craziness! I left Austin, TX on Monday under partly cloudy skies only to immediately hit a wall of rain that lasted all the way to the Gulf coast. Incredibly, it cleared up about 10 miles from the beach. By the time I got to Surfside, it was a beautiful evening (as you can tell from the photo). And it stayed that way too… until around 4am. God or someone must have been pissed off! It whipped up a storm like you wouldn’t believe, with the wind tossing my little trailer around like a ragamuffin…

Boots isn’t thrilled at the sound of that thunder…

Not sure how much it rained, but it was a ton. The sand was so packed driving in, it was practically concrete. But by morning it was so slushy I needed four wheel drive AND differential lock just to get back to the main road.

Admittedly, I had it better than the tent campers about 100 yards down the beach. Bless their sad, wet, little huddled hearts; they stuck it out all night.

I had planned to drive only as far as the Bolivar peninsula the next day; but it didn’t look like that line of storms was going anywhere soon. So I double-timed it east, and and found another beautiful beach in Cameron Louisiana. Aaaaeeeee! Now to go find some crawfish… Let’s hope the weather stays back in Texas.

More free beach camping… Cajun style!