Across the Line

Greetings from the land of the Yankee! Yes, I crossed the Mason Dixon line yesterday, and now I’m officially in Northern territory. Hmmm, maybe I ought to smear a little mud on my Texas plates so people don’t notice em’…

The road up Walker Mountain…

After Asheville, Boots and I drove on to Virginia, up to a camping spot that I had found in the Washington and Jefferson National Forest. The site is at the very tip top of Walker Mountain, with 3.5 miles of forest road leading up to it from the main highway. I gotta say, after about 100 yards, I was ready to find other accommodations… The freakin’

The view from the top…

road was in atrocious condition. There were huge washouts every 50 yards or so, with hairpin turns precariously tracing tiny ledges cut into the sheer mountain face. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a single place to turn around before arriving at the campground at the top; and it took a full hour to drive that 3.5 miles to get there. The views were

Boots couldn’t care less about the view…

spectacular, though; and we spent a quiet (and cold) night listening to the north wind howl through the high mountain oaks that surrounded us.

We got an early start the next morning and made it all the way to West Virginia, or at least the little finger of it that sticks out underneath Pennsylvania and Maryland. We stayed at Hawk Campground, nestled inconspicuously in the Allegheny Mountains. Hawk is a free campground maintained by the National Forest Service. It has leveled spots for RV parking and even has some fairly disgusting pit toilets for when

RV parking at Hawk Campground.

the need arises. Of course t doesn’t have water or electricity but, hey, it’s free… And it’s pretty remote too, more of a hunting camp than anything else. It was completely empty the night we were there; and we spent the waning hours of daylight drinking a beer and looking out the window for bears.

It even has toilets… Not that I’ll be using them!

I call Pennsylvania the land of the ubiquitous Walmart. With the exception of Asheville, I haven’t paid for a single night of camping on this entire trip. That’s actually been pretty easy so far; but Pennsylvania is where the strategy changes abruptly. For someone traveling through PA on the cheap, it’s Walmart or nothing. But at least Walmart can be entertaining at times. Some might remember my last RV trip up the east coast. I discovered what has become my favorite Walmart ever, deep in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. Well, I made it back again… You gotta love a Walmart that keeps a horse stable in the parking lot… God forbid, we wouldn’t want those horses getting cold and wet while

Amish Parking

waiting to carry happy, satisfied Amish consumers back to their rustic homes.

I’m holding court today in King of Prussia, meeting with a couple of different friends from my DLL days. It’s so good to catch up with people. A couple more Walmart evenings should get me through Pennsylvania. Then it’s on to bigger and better things… More to come!

Mahalo Y’all!

Happy shoppers heading home.