Across the Line

Greetings from the land of the Yankee! Yes, I crossed the Mason Dixon line yesterday, and now I’m officially in Northern territory. Hmmm, maybe I ought to smear a little mud on my Texas plates so people don’t notice em’…

The road up Walker Mountain…

After Asheville, Boots and I drove on to Virginia, up to a camping spot that I had found in the Washington and Jefferson National Forest. The site is at the very tip top of Walker Mountain, with 3.5 miles of forest road leading up to it from the main highway. I gotta say, after about 100 yards, I was ready to find other accommodations… The freakin’ Continue reading “Across the Line”

Asheville Reunion

Hey Guys! Sorry for the extended radio silence…

Out for a hike…

After packing up and leaving Blue Valley, I drove about 75 miles north, camping just outside Asheville, North Carolina. I had arranged to meet a close friend in Asheville, but I was running a few days early. So I spent a wonderfully quiet three days and nights deep in the Pisgah National Forest, with none of those annoying distractions like phone, internet or television reception. Continue reading “Asheville Reunion”

Them Georgians…

Look at that ridge in the distance… It looks so blue… I wonder what mountains those are;-)

People in Georgia are just so dang nice… I swear, the moment I crossed the border from Alabama people’s demeanor instantly changed. Drivers were just a bit more courteous. Most vehicles passing in the opposite direction waved. And I met someone new every single time I stopped. Continue reading “Them Georgians…”


On the road to John’s Mountain WMA in Georgia.

The term “Walkabout” splashed into modern popular culture thanks to the movie Crocodile Dundee in the 1980s. During that same great decade, the term “Vision Quest” was also immortalized by the blockbuster coming-of-age movie bearing that term as its title. One Aboriginal and the other Native American, both concepts refer to ancient rites of passage associated with a journey, a time of awakening and spiritual awareness. Continue reading “Walkabout”

Interstate. Highways. Suck.

OK, I know they have a purpose; but they really do give traveling a bad name. In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Pirsig suggests that sanity exists only on the grey lines of the map. His, like every great American road trip, was about getting out of one’s own head, discovering the larger world beyond one’s known and comfortable existence. To my grandparents, the drive was never a means to an end; it was an integral part of the adventure itself. Interstate highways rob drivers of every single joy that once made the activity exciting, reducing the road trip to a soulless, utilitarian endeavor. It’s now entirely devoid of all the magic that made car travel the exhilarating, uniquely American experience it once was.

Continue reading “Interstate. Highways. Suck.”