Pearl River

What a wonderful evening! Camped in Slidell, Lousiana at the Pearl River WMA. Someone I haven’t seen since high school drove 50 miles out from New Orleans just to see me.  Charisse Kelley, thanks for that fine mess of boudin! My tummy was happy happy happy!

We had not just a few laughs talking about Del Valle High School and old friends. It occurred to me only after she left that we didn’t take a single picture. Let’s suffice it to say she has aged better than I… Continue reading “Pearl River”

Hurricanes, Hot Sauce and Hamlets

New homes arise from the ruins of Katrina and Rita, a decade before

After a very pleasant night at Holly Beach, I wasn’t exactly in a hurry to gather my stuff and move on. Nevertheless, Boots and I did finally break camp around noon. Now, the last time I drove the southern route along the Louisiana coast was the year following hurricanes Katrina and Rita. At that time it looked like a war zone, with hardly a single structure left standing.

Continue reading “Hurricanes, Hot Sauce and Hamlets”

A Dark and Stormy Night

Doesn’t look like rain… Yet!

Craziness! I left Austin, TX on Monday under partly cloudy skies only to immediately hit a wall of rain that lasted all the way to the Gulf coast. Incredibly, it cleared up about 10 miles from the beach. By the time I got to Surfside, it was a beautiful evening (as you can tell from the photo). And it stayed that way too… until around 4am. God or someone must have been pissed off! It whipped up a storm like you wouldn’t believe, with the wind tossing my little trailer around like a ragamuffin… Continue reading “A Dark and Stormy Night”


I’m heading to Alaska! Well, at least I will be in a few days… And when I say Alaska, I really mean heading to Florida… on my way to Massachusetts… on my way to Alaska. I have dozens of waypoints along the way that are fixed in both space and time, but all along a route that’s packed to the rafters with life and substance. So, here I am at T minus four days, trying to think of what I haven’t thought of. Continue reading “Departure”